Alla Husqvarnas chassinummer är instämplade i ramen. På alla modeller mellan åren 1963 - 1999 är numret instämplat på ramen.

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Brief primer on Husqvarna frame/motor number series:

1966 - HVA numbered their 250 motocross bikes with matching frame and engine numbers. The first was #66001and with 300 bikes in the 250 series the last was #66300. The 360 series was started at #66901 and with 50 bikes in this series, the last was #66950. There were at least 50 extra 250 engines produced and given numbers differing from the above. Also several 360 extra engines were produced with unique numbers.

1967 - Husqvarna numbered their 250 motocross bikes with matching frame and engine numbers. The first was #670001 and with many more produced than planned, a 250 could be as high as #671394. The 360 series was started at #6700xx(best guess from my records) and ran thru approximately #671776. The 250T Commandos that were sold in '67 began with number#167001 with the 167 signifying Commando Sportsman and my records show #167155 the last for '67.

1968- Husqvarna initiated a new numbering system to coincide with the new frames, however there were 67's of both sizes leftover and the practice was to overstamp the the 7 in 67 with an 8 and sell in early '68. When the new Huskys arrived these new welded frame models had frame numbers for motocross models that began with MF0001 and the engine numbers did not match the frame anymore. The 250 engines started with 250001, the 360 engines started with 360001 . The Commandos that were sold in 68 started with 168156 and went over 234. Any 67 Commandos were overstamped with an 8.

1969 - The frame numbering system moved up to MG0001 while the engine numbers continued. The new 360 Sportsman had a new series SG0001. The new 400 engines started with 400001.

1970 - The frame numbers moved on to MH and SH. Somewhere in 69-70 the practice of stamping the engine number on the topside at the split line was initiated. The 8 speed option on a factory installed unit was marked with an 8S in the same area as the serial number.

1971 - The frame numbers moved on to MI and SI. Last series of 4 speed and right hand shift.

1972 - The frame numbers moved on to MJ and SJ. New generation 5 speed engines, left hand shift, intro of 125.

1973 - The frame numbers moved on to MK and SK. In 1973 Husqvarna changed the name of the company from Husqvarna Vapenfabriks Aktiebolag (HVA) to Husqvarna AB. The company logo changed as well from the
classic "crown circle" to the modern "gunsight" logo of today(shown on my background).

1974 - The frame numbers remained at MK and SK. Introduction of the "Mag" 250CR

1975 - The new generation Huskys with GP frames were numbered ML, the MK designation was continued on the trail, desert and enduro with the existing standard frame.

I am wanting to improve the accuracy of the above serial number data. All of this above info is from my own experience, contacts with other experienced collectors and factory data from Husqvarna. Please help me add to it for the benefit of all Husky hobbyists. My thanks to Torbjörn Flinck for his help in these and other HVA matters.


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